Jeffress Engineering facilitated and hosted visitors from Japan and Thailand to the Australian Sugar Industry in October. Researchers and industry representatives explored automation and cane payment solutions during their visit. The Sugar Research Institute (SRI), part of the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities (CTCB) in Queensland University of Technology was the scene of a very full one day technology workshop at the start of the trip. Professor Ross Broadfoot, Associate Professor Geoff Kent and Phd candidate David Moller and the visitors shared experience across a wide range of topics.

During the trip the group toured NSW Sugars Condong and Harwood sugar mills to see automated processing and advanced cane receivals and logistics in action.

Working photo at Harwood

Group photo Condong sugar mill

Final visit for the trip was to the farm of Richard Skopp who engaged with the group in advanced discussions of modern cane farming practices, cane payment systems from the growers perspective and other topics.

Richard Skopp farm, Australia

Overall the group were well received and supported by everyone they met in the Australian Sugar industry. And useful conversation and relationships occurred. Thanks to all involved throughout the trip!

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