New Cane Fibre Analyser launches at ASSCT

New Cane Fibre Analyser launches at ASSCT

Developed in partnership with the Sugar Research Institute (SRI), the Cane Fibre Analyser is the 2nd generation can fibre technology for the direct analysis of sugarcane fibre that has been successfully used in Australia for cane payment for over 30 years. Jeffress Engineering displayed the new Cane Fibre Analyser (CFA) at the Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists conference in Mackay.

CFA01 Launch at ASSCT 21/4/2022

David Green (GM of SRI) and Vic Mason with the Jeffco CFA01

The CFA automates and integrates all manual handling aspects of fibre analysis, removing human error from the method. Can fibre is a direct method, washing all solubles including sugars, from a shredded sample of sugarcane and drying the sample to constant weight. Weighing the starting sample and comparing its weight with that of the dry sample after it has been processed, allows Fibre%Cane to be calculated by simple ratio. Precision is higher than any other method of fibre analysis used worldwide, with a repeatability of +/- 0.29 units fibre (Shi et al, 2023, A new approach to measuring the fibre content of sugarcane, ISSCT proceedings), which is less than half the error associated with the next nearest performing method

While can fibre is a well established method for cane fibre measurement, it is not the only method available. Other methods include the ICUMSA, press and Hamna methods. The ICUMSA and Hamna methods require two samples to be analysed, introducing greater sampling errors into the process. All three alternative methods rely on calculation assumptions regarding hygroscopic moisture, and that brix and pol measurements in juice accurately reflect the brix and pol respectively in the cane sample the juice has come from. Both sampling and calculation errors result in poorer repeatability performance. Geoff Kent, Principal Research Fellow at SRI, has stated that “the Cane Fibre Analyser represents the most precise method of measuring fibre above all other known methods”.

Vic Mason, a former research leader at SRI who developed the ground breaking can fibre technology in the 1970’s and 1980’s, remarked “it was wonderful to see the ongoing development and improvement of the technology across the generations”. David Green, current General Manager of SRI, noted that Australian sugarcane growers and processors had gained significant financial advantage by understanding the accurate measurement of quality of sugarcane entering the sugar factory, resulting in more and higher quality sugar for the whole industry and commented “SRI has received multiple enquiries over the years for use of the technology outside Australia”.

Further information about the Jeffco Cane Fibre Analyser can be found on the Jeffress Engineering website




Jeffress Engineering attends and presents at the 67th Philsutech Sugar Conference: Improving sugar factory laboratories

Jeffress Engineering attends and presents at the 67th Philsutech Sugar Conference: Improving sugar factory laboratories

Sugar Factory Laboratories are benefiting from important advice provided by Jeffress Engineering at a recent national conference. Philsutech, the annual national conference of the Philippines sugar industry looked a little different this year. Due to waves of CoVid washing over the country the industry decided to hold a virtual national conference for their 67th meeting during three days between 25th and 27th August. Several hundred registrants participated in a very successful event. Jeffress Engineering was there, and presented on ways to improve profitability of sugar factories by improving processes in sugar laboratories. A high quality functioning sugar laboratory can save money in process losses and make money for the factory by providing high quality accurate data to the process engineers. Acquiring high quality, highly accurate and reliable laboratory equipment is very important to ensure the small equipment investment translates into significant profit gain.

Improving Sugar Cane Qualtiy Testing Philsutech

Jeffress Engineering contributed by sponsoring the conference and was selected by Philsutech to provide a technical presentation “JEFFCO Technology for highly accurate payment systems – Common errors in laboratories and how to save your owners money

The presentation slides and presentation can be found on our YouTube channel in its complete form at  or search for Jeffco in YouTube. or watch the video below:


Jeffress Engineering active once again at Philsutech 2019

Jeffress Engineering active once again at Philsutech 2019

Jeffress Engineering sponsored an exhibitors booth at Philsutech 2019 in August. The annual sugar industry event, held in Cebu, Philippines, attracts over 1200 delegates and almost 300 exhibitors and is one of the largest sugar industry events in Asia. Having been present at many of the Philsutech conferences we renewed friendships, made new connections and celebrated another successful year of partnership activities and business in the Philippines. Congratulations to Philsutech organisers and the Philippines industry for a professionally organised event.

2019 08 14 17 26 44

Fortec Integrated Systems Inc Director Ruth Lagana remarked the exhibition was one of the best so far, with high interest in Jeffco products.

2019 08 14 10 58 38

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