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Jeffress Engineering design and manufacture handling, processing and analysis technology for measuring sugarcane and wine quality. For almost 70 years our expertise has helped us become global leaders in sugarcane sample processing and analysis, renowned for our quality engineering, accuracy of testing, custom fabrication and innovative designs. Our sugar cane processing and analysis systems operate in almost every sugar-producing country in the world. In recent times we have brought this experience to the wine industry, producing laboratory and process based quality analysis technology for in bottle and process analysis.

Cutting-Edge Analytical Products

In recent years, Jeffress Engineering has been at the forefront of developments in cane quality analysis of sugar cane using NIR technology. Our world-class 2nd generation automated and integrated Jeffco InfraCana provides multiple analysis in less than 120s, and is able to process and analyse 750 samples each day from trucks using core samplers to take samples. It requires one operator and is built to be reliable and rugged for work in harsh sugar processing environments.

Our innovative BevScan technology can analyse wine and other food products through the glass of the bottle without needing to remove a sample. Analysis takes seconds and operation requires almost no training. We can identify and classify wine quality, and find counterfeit and fraudulent products.


BevScan BS01

NIR analysis through the bottle in seconds!

Cutter Grinder CG03

Rugged, reliable and high preparation (>95) industrial grinder for sugarcane

InfraCana IC02

Industrialised, automated analysis of every delivery within seconds using NIR

InfaSpector IS02

NIR Diffuse Reflectance Spectrometer for custom applications in sugar and wine

InfraTester IT02

A flexible, fast & economical general purpose sample presentation system

POC Tester PT01

Pol in Open Cell (Preparation Index) Tester for Sugar Cane, 100% accurate and doesn’t change the sample condition

Wet Disintegrator WD02

Reliable and accurate wet disintegration, built to last a generation


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