CFA01 Cane Fibre Analyser

A cane analyser for both lab and production use.


The Jeffco Cane Fibre Analyser automatically removes all non fibre components from a 500g sugar cane sample. Used in Australia for over 30 years for sugarcane quality payment systems the method used by the CFA has a repeatability of +/- 0.29 units of fibre. Simply shred the sugarcane sample using a Jeffco Cutter Grinder, add the shredded sample to the CFA sample can, fit the can into the CFA and press the start button. The CFA will wash out all sugars and solubles, dry the sample to constant dry weight and let you know it is finished. Simply weight the fibre plug, and calculate fibre against the sample starting weight to obtain cane%fibre. Automated, integrated processing removes almost all manual labour. The diffusion method is reported to be more repeatable than the ICUMSA method, the press family of methods and the Hamna method (Shi et al, 2023, A new approach to measuring the fibre content of sugarcane, ISSCT proceedings.) Most existing methods require moisture analysis by oven, which can take 24 hours or more to complete. Press methods which consider the weight of the press sample plug assume 25% hygroscopic water content, and often don’t take account of imbibition coefficient or dry milling factor. The result is long laborious and indirect fibre analysis, reliant on significant handling by operators, incorrect assumptions about the brix in the sample plug being the same as the brix in expressed juice and factored calculations. CFA is a direct measurement alternative, reducing analysis time for a fibre result to less than 2 hours per sample, removing human handling and all assumptions.

Increasing mechanization of harvesting sugarcane and similar crops has increased the delivery of trash, dirt, soil, stones, sand and gravel with the sugarcane. These crop components cost money to transport to the factory, are damaging to factory equipment and processes, absorb sugar as losses, and has an increasing cost as waste disposal. Understanding your incoming fibre levels, knowing where it is coming from (when related to delivery identity) can assist you in designing plans to respond by innovating incentive schemes that discourage un-attractive fibre components and encourage value adding fibre useful for cogeneration, biofuels and co-products initiatives.

The JEFFCO Cane Fibre Analyser provides significant benefits for sugar factories and similar facilities wanting to quickly and reliably determine fibre content, including:

Fast reliable and repeatable fibre determination – results in less than 2 hours

Direct measurement of fibre – no assumptions, no factors, single sample

Automated and integrated washing and drying of samples

Almost no human handling of samples, with simple training requirements

Repeatability +/-0.29 units fibre

Processes high trash, high mud content samples easily

No chemicals – very low cost per sample analysis

Simple maintenance design principles make it easy to maintain

Easy touch Industrial screen control

Rugged industrial construction built for long life

Simple installation and commissioning

Smart safety design protects your employees and equipment

The Jeffco CFA requires electrical power, water and air supplies for routine operation. Dimensions are slightly wider than a domestic consumer washing machine. It is designed and manufactured to operate reliably in the rugged environment of sugarcane factories and similar environments.


  • Galvanised mild steel and stainless steel construction
  • Galvanised steel plinth base


  • AC supply 380 to 460 V, no neutral 3 phase
  • Frequency 50 or 60 hz
  • Current consumption 20A


  • Clean dry oil free 20mᶟ.h at 200kpa


  • Cold water >150 kPa, 10 to 50 centrigrade at 10 l.min
  • Hot water >150 kPa, 55-65 centrigrade at 8 l.min


  • High pressure, high temperature safety sensors
  • E-stop safety switch


  • Wifi or network connectivity

Sample container

  • Stainless steel
  • “Cool Touch” handle


  • Time or event based function
  • Single touch operation
  • Industrial touch screen


  • 12 months international
  • Options
  • Hot water supply unit
  • Mirrored status screen for visualisation in the laboratory

Dimensions & weight

  • 141H by 91W by 72D cm
  • Weight approximately 235 Kg

Shipping dimensions

  • 150H by 100W by 80D cm
  • Weight 250 Kg

Jeffco CFA01 Cane Fibre Analyser Data Sheet

Jeffco CFA01 Cane Fibre Analyser Data Sheet


E.g. Maintenance activity program, Setup requirements & drawings, Replacing the main blades

CFA01 Cane Fibre Analyser

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CFA01 Cane Fibre Analyser

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