Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd.

Supporting the Sugar Industry since 1953

JEFFRESS Engineering Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned family company based in Adelaide, South Australia. 

We design and manufacture laboratory testing devices for the sugar and wine industries. 

98% of our business is with the sugar industry, and has been so since 1953.


JEFFCO is the primary brand name

Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd.

JEFFCO is a registered trade mark of JEFFRESS Engineering Pty Ltd.

Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned

100% Australian, supplying technology to the global sugar & wine industries

Making an Impact across the Globe

From humble beginnings in a small corrugated iron shed in Brisbane (Queensland) almost 70 years ago, JEFFRESS Engineering Pty Ltd has developed and maintains a worldwide reputation for quality engineering and innovative design.

Our sugar cane processing and analysis systems operate in almost every sugar-producing country in the world.

Reliable, accurate, robust industrial design stands the test of time in rugged harsh operating environments with Jeffco equipment still operating 40 or more years after it has been installed.

Sugar Cane Industry Technology

Sugar Cane Expertise

Being intimately associated with the sugar cane industry for the whole of our company existence gives us an insight into and an empathy towards the needs of regulatory authorities, industry research organisations, sugar laboratory personnel, mill owners and growers.

Accurate measurements and good laboratory methods give the best and fairest results to all concerned, allowing true judgements to be made about cane quality, factory efficiency improvements and payment benefits.

We invest heavily in new product development, and improving our existing products, and are always interested in new ideas and innovation.

Wine Industry Technology

We have also served the interests of the wine industry by developing and designing a novel technology, ‘The JEFFCO BevScan‘ for analysing wine and spirits through the glass of the bottle.

This removes the need for opening the wine bottle to obtain a sample for analysis and significantly improves productivity and quality assurance processes in production and supply / logistics / distribution chains.

Counterfeit and fraudulent products can be easily identified throughout the supply chain.

Fast 5s scanning identifies faulty and problematic wine through the bottle, making it easy to find oxidised and low SO2 bottles in volumes of processed bottles during and after manufacture.


Innovation as Standard

In recent years, JEFFRESS Engineering has been at the forefront of developments in the spectroscopic evaluation of the constituent parameters of sugar cane by NIR technology. Our world class 2nd generation JEFFCO InfraCana automated cane processing and analysis system stands apart in the field of sugarcane quality and payment technologies, providing multiple analysis in less than 120s, and able to analyse more than 750 samples from trucks each day.

JEFFCO InfraCana

Cutting-edge Products

Our JEFFCO CG03 Cutter Grinder is widely considered to be the best preparation index device for sugarcane in the world. Whilst our JEFFCO WD02 Wet Disintegrator is a standard workhorse and seen in most laboratories in almost all sugar-producing countries. Our PT01 POC tester efficiently and accurately extracts available sugar from factory shredded sugarcane without changing the original preparation index of the sample.  All of our products conform to ICUMSA standards.

JEFFCO Cutter Grinder


High quality products with long lifetimes


Excellent pre-sales advice and long-term service backup


Products uniquely designed to complete a specific task superbly


A continuing program to bring the latest developments to our customers

Choose JEFFCO Quality

With a large proportion of our yearly expenditure devoted to research and development, we plan to remain at the leading edge in our field of laboratory preparation and testing of organic materials.

Our valued customers are the lifeblood of our company. 

It is our great pleasure to be of service to you and we pledge to do our very best to meet your needs as we have always done.

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