JEFFRESS Engineering recently hosted a visit by the Managing Director of NSP in Japan, Mr Yasuhiro Maruyama. NSP are the distributors and service agents for JEFFCO products in Japan.

We have 18 JEFFCO CG03 Cutter Grinders in current operation across the Japanese sugar industry.

Many were supplied with JEFFRESS Engineering custom-built elevators to assist the feeding of core samples to the JEFFCO equipment.

CG03 Cutter Grinder
CG03 Cutter Grinder
Prior to implementation of the JEFFCO Cutter Grinders it was normal for the sugar industry in Japan to sustain one or two injuries to operators in a normal harvest year.

The advanced integrated safety mechanisms in the JEFFCO CG03 have reduced injuries to zero – equivalent to 180 years of cutter grinder operation without a single operator injury!  Highlighting the significantly improved safety record Mr Maruyama reported the satisfaction of managers in Japanese factories that the improved safety record was a result of the high quality manufacture and safe design of JEFFCO equipment.

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