BevScan BS01

Through Bottle Beverage Analyser and Classifier

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The JEFFCO BevScan BS01 Through Bottle Beverage Analyser and Classifier uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy to classify quality of wine within the bottle by scanning through the glass and without needing to remove the enclosure. Developed in conjunction with the Australian Wine Research Institute and Camo ASA of Norway, the BevScan is capable of identifying specific parameters in wine and classifying unknown bottles of wine by scanning for less than 5 seconds per bottle.

  •  A new and innovative development of robust solid-state transmission spectroscopy that’s simple to use
  • Adjustable for most bottle sizes, clear or dark bottles, red or white wines and most other beverages
  • Bottle optimisation built-in; variable scanning height/position so most labels can be avoided
  • Super fast – only takes a few seconds to scan and classify each bottle. Statistical data is recorded and downloadable
  • Cuvette option for laboratory and qualitative testing of wines and beverages
  • Simple touch screen computer with an easy-to-use custom interface – no sophisticated skills required
  • Fully accessible via wired network, WiFi and Bluetooth; standard USB 2.0 ports for data extraction
  • Remote internet access for data retrieval, maintenance, assistance and software updating
  • Fully portable – powered from 110/240V, or from 12 or 24V battery
  • No external standards required – totally self-contained and very stable with an inbuilt SphereOptics Zenith reference tile and Hg/Ar wavelength calibration standard

In classification mode, no knowledge of spectroscopy is required. The BevScan can sample as few as 12 known good bottles of wine, build a “profile” for that product and then predict whether other bottles are the same, all without opening the bottles. It can also identify vintage differences, authenticate vintage wines, check and confirm bottling quality, track maturation & cellaring, test closure integrity and “bin” unknown/unlabelled products – non-destructively. It is useful for tracking wine oxidisation and deterioration and can identify fake and fraudulent wines. It can be used onsite in wine merchants to validate bottle contents for regulatory compliance. If more specific details of wines are required, then predictions can be developed in the Unscrambler package from Camo Software and applied to the BevScan, allowing full investigation of such parameters as anthocyanins, pH, CO2, ethanol and others. The BevScan can also be used as a stand-alone research spectrometer and has a standard cuvette testing option. It is portable with a small physical footprint and can be powered using 12/24V DC or 110/240V AC.

Jeffco BevScan BS01 Datasheet

Features and benefits of the jeffco bevcan bs01

JEFFCO BevScan Case Study Angoves 2017

Example of using BevScan’s classification mode to screen and sort bottles of a red wine affected by variable bottle oxidation

E.g. Oxidation application notes, General application notes, Semillon oxidation application notes

BevScan Presentation

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