InfraSpector II IS02

NIR Diffuse Reflectance Spectrometer


The JEFFCO InfraSpector is a useful general purpose Near Infra-Red spectrometer suitable for agricultural and food based applications. Jeffress Engineering can provide advice on your application and design and fabricate custom built solutions to fit exactly your need.

  • Solid state diode array technology
  • Thermoelectric cooling for stability
  • Long life stable halogen light source inbuilt
  • Spectralon white standard inbuilt
  • Xenon wavelength standard inbuilt
  • Robust sealed sapphire glass view window
  • Optics and electronics sealed to IP54
  • Wide aperture optics (~50mm Ø) Q Nominal 900-1700nm bandwidth
  • Integrated with Camo The Unscrambler®
  • Developed and manufactured in AUSTRALIA

Please contact us for further information on our ability to build a custom solution for your application.

InfraSpector II IS02 Brochure

Features of the IS02 SPECTROMETER

Team the IS02 InfraSpector with the InfraTester IT02 Presentation System for a fast, clean and repeatable way to present samples for accurate NIR analysis.


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