CG03 Cutter Grinder

A versatile, heavy duty processor for shredding of sugarcane useful for cane quality analysis, payment, process management and agronomic feedback,  for both production and laboratory use.

MODEL CG03CB: Combination Unit for sugar cane with tilting tray for billet/core sampled cane and single funnel for whole stalk CG03DF: Dual Funnel for whole stalk or hand sampled sugar cane CG03TT: Tray Top for plastic pieces, meat and food products CG03WT: Wide Throat for special entry requirements


The JEFFCO Cutter Grinder Model CG03 is a versatile, heavy duty processor for shredding of sugarcane useful for quality determination, payment, process management and harvest feedback. Durable, rugged and industrialised the CG03 expects to perform reliably, and in some cases have processed over 1.5 million samples per machine, and still going strong today. It has also found a home in other applications including secure destruction of confidential data on physical devices and processing of fruits into puree.

The CG03 is especially suitable for the sugar industry in the testing and verification of brix, pol and fibre in sugar cane and baggasse, achieving a Preparation Index (pol in open cell) (POC) of ≥ 95% with the appropriate screen plate.  It is used by sugar industries around the world for ICUMSA, regional and local analytical methods.

The effective cutting and separating action of the Cutter Grinder has proven itself in industries around the world for more than forty years.  Our third generation models are improved with even better performance, speed and safety.

  • Efficient all-purpose cutter, grinder, shredder and mincer for organic, chemical, plastic and animal products
  • Ideal for wet chemistry analysis & NIR spectroscopy of sugar cane & bagasse
  • Processes wet, dry & stringy materials
  • Superior in performance to any conventional hammer mill or fibrator
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction with a powerful 11kW electric motor
  • Convenient, lightweight plastic sample bin or tub & lid; stainless steel trolley
  • Choice of feed heads for easy handling & fast processing of materials
  • Particle size determined by selection of the screen plate – 3mm to 25mm
  • Easy maintenance with quick-change, replaceable cutting components
  • Triple electronic interlock sensors & electromagnetic brake for safety
  • Electronic controller with integrated Υ−∆ 3∅ starter and overload sensing
  • Anti-vibration mounts isolate the cutting chamber & motor from the base
  • Designed & made in Australia

The all-new CG03 incorporates the high precision DoubleCut™ cutting system which is the result of an extensive development program. A dual blade bank with precut and main blades reduces the material to a size which allows the fibration action to take place more effectively, whilst the laser generated screen plate filters and recirculates the material till the desired particle size is achieved. It can handle moist, stringy or fibrous material without becoming clogged or bound. Many different types of screen plates with variable geometry openings are available to produce a particle size to suit every application. The backward curve ejector places the screen plate under a downdraught force, clearing cut material away from the operating surfaces quickly and cleanly. This fast action makes the CG03 suitable for high throughput use in production environments.

The CG03 features robust, stainless steel construction and a powerful 11kW 3Ø electric motor with electromagnetic braking. For operator safety, special QuadSense™ electronic interlocks are fitted to detect any attempt to open the cutting chamber, remove the discharge hood or remove the sample bin during processing. The electromagnetic brake fitted to the motor ensures fast, safe stopping of the motor for quick access to the rotating parts when required whilst a foot-operated brake release makes maintenance and blade changes a snap. Specific attention has been paid to noise and vibration – antivibration isolators are fitted under the motor mounting plate and the base is fitted with height-adjustable isolation feet.

The JEFFCO Cutter Grinder Model CG03 comprises a robust stainless steel body and cutting head unit with a direct coupled motor drive system. The cutting chamber incorporates a precut blade and two main blades mounted on the rotor. The reversible precut blade is manufactured from specially treated alloy tool steel whilst the main blades are made from a proprietary alloy of our own development, and subjected to induction hardening. The parts are then precision ground. Both precut and main blades may be sharpened a number of times to extend their life in heavy use applications.

The screen plate is laser profiled to a scientific pattern in special alloy steel which is then subjected to vacuum implantation techniques to achieve the required wear characteristics. A 19mm mesh screen plate is supplied as standard, but other optional sizes and profiles are available for coarser or finer cutting and for unique applications.

Safety is an important design feature of the Cutter Grinder. Both the output unit and the clamp arm which retains the head in place are fitted with proximity sensors. An infrared sensor ensures that the Cutter Grinder cannot be operated if the output receiver is not correctly located and a self-closing metal safety shield protects the discharge port. These safety features prevent the operator from coming into contact with moving parts.

The sample bin and sample tub are made from inert, easy-clean plastic. The tub comes with a fitted lid and a wheeled trolley for quick and easy removal of large samples from the Cutter Grinder. The ejector provides two functions – to clear material from below the screen plate and to produce a vacuum effect through the cutting chamber which causes the material to move freely. The massive 11kW motor has power to cut through the most difficult materials – even CD-ROM platters – and the brake halts it completely within about one (1) second of any safety violation. A flexible coupling also helps isolate vibration from the cutting chamber.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum through the use of high grade alloy steels for the cutting components and the generous dimensions of bearings, seals and castings. All of the cutting components may be resharpened to prolong the life of the parts and reduce the total cost of ownership.

JEFFCO Cutter Grinders are in use in dozens of countries around the world, with a long and proud history of quality and durability. The JEFFCO Cutter Grinder Model CG03 is completely designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards for a long and trouble-free life.


  • Stainless steel body, head & base
  • Cutting components: stainless and special heat-treated alloy steels
  • Direct-coupled brake motor
  • Anti-vibration mounting

Motor & Electronic Circuitry:

  • Motor: 11kW 3 Ø
  • AC Supply: 380 – 460 Volts
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Current: 22.5A FLC
  • Supply: must be rated ≥35A
  • RPM: 1470 @ 50Hz  1725 @ 60Hz
  • Sensors: Inductive x 2; IR x 1
  • Starter: Electronic Υ−∆ 3∅
  • Overload: Electronic, auto-reset
  • Controls: Start, Stop, Emergency

Safety Systems:

  • Emergency Stop switch
  • Fast stop brake motor
  • Motor overload sensing
  • Electronic sensing – head closure
  • Electronic sensing – discharge device
  • Electronic sensing – tub/bin position
  • Outlet self-closing safety shield

Cutting System:

  • System:
    • Grappler Rotor
    • Reversible precut blade
    • Four fixed stators
    • Dual sharpenable blades
    • Geometric screen plate
    • Downdraught ejector
  • Material:
    • Proprietary alloy steels

Screen Plate:

  • Material: Proprietary alloy steel
  • Screen: Precision laser machined
  • Standard: 19mm mesh (supplied)
  • Optional: 3-25mm mesh

Sample Tub and Sample Bin: Polypropylene/polyethylene

Machine Dimensions:

  • Model CG03DF:
    • 555 W x 1400 H x 1120 D (mm)
    • Net Weight: 352 kg
  • Model CG03CB:
    • 555 W x 2035 H x 1120 D (mm)
    • Net Weight: 365 kg

Shipping Dimensions:

  • All Models:
    • 660 W x 1320 H x 1500 D (mm)
    • Gross Weight: 425 kg

Jeffco Cutter Grinder CG03 Data Sheet

Overview, features & specifications


E.g. Replacing the main blade, Parts lifecycles and maintenance, Replaceable infeed ring

CG03 Cutter Grinder

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A versatile, heavy duty processor for shredding of sugarcane...


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