InfraCana II IC02: Automated Sugar Cane Analysis

A versatile, fast automated cane analyser for both lab and production use.


The JEFFCO InfraCana II Model IC02 is a versatile, fast automated cane analyser for both lab and production use. Incorporating its own custom solid state near infrared spectrometer and powerful computing capability, the InfraCana II can process and accurately do a sugar cane analysis on a 5 to 12kg cane sample (from a core sampler) in less than 120 seconds for such parameters as brix, pol, moisture, trash and fibre, with no chemicals or laboratory processing.

  • Fast analysis system for cane payment, breeding & maturity testing
  • Multiple parameter results for brix, pol and fibre are available in seconds
  • Uses a purpose-designed near infrared spectrometer for accurate analysis
  • A complete integrated system with sample fibration, preparation & analysis
  • Powerful cutter grinder with safety braking, variable speed drive & anti-vibration mounts for noise minimisation
  • Total software programmability of all mechanical and processing functions
  • Powerful integrated computer with touch screen, networking and remote access
  • Fully equipped with safety sensors & VSD with SIL-3 safety standards
  • Solid construction in stainless steel and polypropylene for long life
  • Uses CAMO The Unscrambler X Prediction Engine for accurate statistical results
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia

The JEFFCO InfraCana II is the second generation of the InfraCana family and incorporates the benefits of more than 14 years of experience using near infrared spectroscopy for the rapid analysis of sugar cane for cane payment, breeding and maturity testing. It is the culmination of more than 60 years of involvement with the sugar industry worldwide. The JEFFCO InfraCana II is a complete system in one compact instrument capable of taking a sample of sugar cane directly from a core sampler and producing a comprehensive analysis for many parameters such as brix, pol, fibre and as many other parameters as have been calibrated into the system such as ash, trash, moisture etc.

At the heart of the InfraCana II is the fourth generation of the JEFFCO Cutter Grinder Our Cutter Grinders are used throughout the world as the standard for laboratory preparation of sugar cane for accurate wet chemistry results. With an installed base of more than 500 units, the JEFFCO Cutter Grinder has a long and proud history. Its performance is paramount in providing the high sample preparation quality, typically above 95 PI, not only for consistent spectroscopic analysis but also to provide the critical high quality wet chemistry results necessary to build and maintain good calibrations for the spectroscopic system.

The JEFFCO InfraCana II is a complete integrated system using the patented ASAS system for sample presentation and analysis. All components are under programmable software control from the user-friendly colour touch screen which shows constant status information and results. Operational and conveyor speeds can be quickly changed for optimised performance and the Cutter Grinder uses a new programmable electronic variable speed drive to help lower environmental noise and to meet the latest safety standards. With an easy-to-use operator station that can be located in any convenient place, the InfraCana II is designed to be adapted to meet the requirements of the End User. Naturally, it has full networking and printing facilities built-in to allow easy interfacing with factory systems, group calibration networks and printing of delivery verification dockets. Remote secure access from anywhere in the world via the Internet means that diagnostics, software updates and new calibrations can be applied from any convenient location. Database recording of all operations and results allows easy auditing and diagnostic analysis.

A brand new spectrometer was specifically designed and built by Jeffress Engineering for incorporation into the InfraCana II. It uses the latest advances in solid state technology to provide a stable and robust industrial device, purpose built for the analysis of sugar cane. Using diode array technology and thermo-electric cooling for stability under all temperature conditions, the JEFFCO IS02 Spectrometer has its own internal references meaning that no external calibration standards are required.

The statistical capabilities of the JEFFCO InfraCana II are provided by the CAMO The Unscrambler X Prediction Engine. Calibrations for use in the InfraCana II are generated by CAMO The Unscrambler statistical software which is world-famous for its multivariate data analysis. It is not manufacturer-specific so the user is able to use the latest statistical chemometric and multivariate analyses to build calibrations. The user remains in complete control of calibration development. In partnering with CAMO, the aim is to make spectroscopy an integral, valuable and affordable tool in measurement systems for the real world where speed, accuracy and environmental care are key factors.

The JEFFCO InfraCana II comprises four essential components: 1. The Cutter Grinder for sample preparation 2. The ASAS Presentation System for sample control & movement 3. The Spectrometer for spectroscopic analysis 4. The Touch Screen Controller for control and computations

The Cutter Grinder: This is a 4th generation evolution of the famous units in use in dozens of countries around the world, as the standard for high quality preparation of sugar cane for both wet chemistry & spectroscopic analysis. Using the proven multi-blade cutting chamber and laser-profiled screen plate for precise particle control, it now incorporates electronic control for maximum processing speed and safety whilst reducing overall noise levels. It can be fitted with custom sample feed chutes to suit every installation, from laboratory to mill receiving centre applications.

The ASAS Presentation System: The patented ASAS system is the heart of the JEFFCO InfraCana II. It uses a custom design of conveyor to carry the prepared sample from the Cutter Grinder under the Compression Plate, a vibrating plate which precisely controls the height and packing density of the material. This is critical for consistent and reliable spectroscopic analysis because it standardises the path length from the read head and eliminates air gaps and density changes in the sample. With its top-reading method, there is no contact between the sample and the spectrometer window to give incorrect results. Infrared height sensors automatically detect and accommodate varying sample sizes from 1-100kg.

The Spectrometer: Designed and built in Australia by Jeffress Engineering, the spectrometer was developed specifically for the InfraCana II and is optimised to measure sugar cane. Using the latest diode array technology and thermo-electric cooling for stability, it is fully integrated into the IC02 and provides precise, fast measurements. It takes more than 10 full measurements per second, ensuring that accurate results are achieved even for small samples.

The Touch Screen Controller: The IC02 is easily managed from the user-friendly touch screen controller. All functions are programmable and sample identification can come from barcode readers, RF-ID tags etc. The Touch Screen, which can be positioned away from the Controller for operator efficiency, shows full status information, dynamic display of spectra and prediction results. Cable and wireless network connectivity is standard.

JEFFCO InfraCana installations have a proven track record of reliability (with individual installations in the Philippines having analysed over 110,000 samples per system per season since 2003). To date some systems have analysed over 1.5 million samples, and still going well. The IC02 is completely designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards for long life and cost-effective operation. The ASAS system is patented in Australia, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Thailand and USA. JEFFCO and InfraCana are registered trademarks of Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd.


  • Main Cabinets: stainless steel
  • Cutting Components: stainless and special heat-treated alloy steels
  • Cutter Grinder: cast stainless steel
  • Conveyor: Polypropylene

Motor & Electronic Circuitry:

  • Motor: 11kW 3 Ø
  • AC Supply: 380 – 460 Volts
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Current: 25A max FLC
  • Supply: must be rated equal or more than 35A
  • RPM: 1700 (electronic control)
  • Sensors: Inductive x 2; IR x 2
  • Power: UPS for computer

Safety Systems:

  • Stopping: Emergency Stop switch
  • Warning: Malfunction indicator
  • Motor: Electrodynamic braking  Electronic overload sense
  • Sensor: Head locking clamp closed
  • Sensor: Discharge hood closed
  • Outlet: Self-closing safety shield
  • Security: Key start, operator login

Cutting System:

  • System:
    • Grappler Rotor
    • Reversible Precut Blade
    • Four fixed Stators
    • Dual Main Blades
    • Geometric Screen Plate
    • Downdraught Ejector
  • Material: Proprietary alloy steels
  • Screen: 32mm hexagonal mesh


  • Screen: 15” touch, HD 1366 x 768
  • Processor: i3/i7, 8Gb RAM, m-ITX
  • Storage: Dual 120Gb SSD
  • Network:
    • 10/100/1000Mb cable
    • 802.11 b/g/n wireless
  • External USB 3.0 x 1
  • Ports: USB 2.0 x 3
  • Control: Wireless Keyboard/Mouse


  • Type: Diode array solid state
  • Resolution:
    • 256 pixels  ~3 nm
    • Interpolated 1 nm
  • Range: Nominal 900-1700 nm
  • Reference: Spectralon, gold/titanium
  • Speed: >10 full spectra per second
  • Optics: F2.0, 50mm Ø at sample

Size (mm): Nominal: 1915 W x 1875 H x 1125 D

JEFFCO InfraCana II IC02 Data Sheet

Overview, Benefits and Specifications

JEFFCO InfraCana II Brochure

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InfraCana II IC02: Automated Sugar Cane Analysis

Belize sugar industry adopts JEFFCO processing and analysis technologies as best practice standard for cane quality analysis

A versatile, fast automated cane analyser for both lab...


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