Jeffress Engineering commissioned new Jeffco technology in Sudan recently at The Kenana Sugar Company. Jeffco InfraCana Near Infra-Red cane quality testing equipment was installed in a brand new Cane Quality Facility on the factory site. Jeffress Engineering provided facility concept drawings and worked with local factory civil engineering staff to design and develop the building. Whilst most sugarcane at Kenana is company owned the Quality Control department plans to use it to evaluate incoming cane quality at individual truck level. Every truck entering the factory will be tested eventually for a wide range of chemical parameters. Paired with a brand new Motocanna Oblique core sampler also provided through Jeffress Engineering each truck can be processed through the facility in around 2 minutes or less. Cane quality information will feed back to various departments in the factory including the Agricultural division for improvements in soil/variety decisions, maturity evaluations, yield analysis, nutrient management; the Transport division for transport management improvements and the factory for process improvements.

Also commissioned was a Jeffco WD02 Wet Disintegrator for validation of the NIR cane quality results to a high degree of accuracy.

Selected factory staff were trained in NIR theory and practice enabling Kenana to be in full independent control of calibration model development and application.

Remote access to the Jeffco technology provides the ability for Jeffco engineers to rapidly respond to requests for assistance from Kenana in real time. Working with trained Kenana staff this will reduce equipment downtime to a minimum should a problem occur.

Jeffress Engineering wishes everyone at Kenana Sugar Company every success in future operations and looks forward to a long and profitable outcome for them in their use of their new Cane Quality Testing facility!

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