A recent order for a JEFFCO WD02 Wet Disintegrator by the PHILSURIN sugar industry research organisation will assist them in their continual task to improve analytical practice in the Philippines sugar industry.

PHILSURIN are the Philippines’ sugar industry funded national research organisation responsible for generating new sugarcane varieties amongst a wide array of other responsibilities. PHILSURIN invited JEFFRESS Engineering General Manager Chris Henderson to visit its facilities and view its operations. “PHILSURIN’S leadership under its chairman Mr Tim Bennett is making great efforts to improve their facilities and target positive and sustainable developments for the Philippines sugar industry and its exciting to see and hear of their work and plans ahead” he said.  Head of the organisations main research facility Dr Rosalyn Luzaran said, “The JEFFCO Wet Disintegrator will improve the accuracy of our analysis processes and assist us in our objective of developing the best sugarcane varieties for the Philippines’ Sugar Industry. We have carefully examined our needs for the best equipment and are excited to be working with and using JEFFCO technology.”


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