Sugar producing countries in Central America are increasingly investing in Jeffco technology to assist them to improve cane quality. Jeffco technology provides rapid and accurate results when processing and testing sugarcane samples in the incoming cane supply. Jeffco equipment is manufactured to high standards and is industrialised and rugged for accurate efficient performance and long life. Existing Jeffco equipment is still operating today, more than 40 years after installation in some cases. With integrated safety systems far beyond those provided by our competitors sugar factories can provide the safest working conditions for operators.

Improved knowledge of cane quality can improve efficiencies in cane processing throughout the sugar factory. Cane farmers can benefit by getting the correct price for their higher than average cane quality. Here Marlon Escobar of Nesersa Guatemala, the distributor for Jeffco products throughout Central America and the Caribbean, talks about the increasing interest in cane quality and Jeffco equipment.

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