Busco Sugar Milling Co in the southern Philippines is the largest sugar mill in the country, processing around 20,000 TCD and over 2.6 million tons cane each harvest. BUSCO implemented InfraCana technology in 2005 to analyse accurately every individual delivery of sugarcane. InfraCana sugar cane quality analysis technology gave them the ability to analyse up to 1,500 trucks every 24 hours, requiring only 15 staff over three shifts. Analysis of a sample from a truck, taken using core samplers, takes around 90s and provides a range of results suitable for both payment and for forwarding to process control. To date, the two installed systems have analysed over 2.4 million truckloads of sugarcane with little interruption and high reliability.

Infracana sugar cane quality analysis technology

Infracana sugar cane analysis technology

So how does Infracana sugar cane quality analysis technology assists in a better process control?

Given the incredibly large number of analysis completed on the InfraCana technology, and reflecting the critical role played by the Near Infra-Red technology BUSCO started looking at replacement solutions in 2018, and after considerable evaluation of alternatives, have invested in Jeffco InfraCana 2nd generation technology once again.

Mr Ronnie Ascunsion, Resident Manager and Vice President of Operations at BUSCO said “The Jeffco InfraCana has played a significant part in helping us increase our share of cane supply leading to a more than successful harvest this year”. InfraCana has played a significant role in assisting BUSCO in their goals to continue to be a profitable and reliable manufacturer of sugar and associated products in the Philippines for the last 16 years. We thank BUSCO for their continued trust and investment in our Jeffco products and look forward to a continued valuable and successful relationship in the decades to come.


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