Common spare parts for all models of Wet Disintegrators are shown below. Click on the image of a part for a larger version. Please request a quote by e-mail.
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SPARE PARTS - Wet Disintegrators
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WDF745 WD02 and 291/292 series. Main Blades. Pack of 10 sets of 4 blades (total 40 pieces).
E1181 Flushing Blade for WD02 and 291/292 series. Use only for volumes <6 litres. Sometimes referred to as an impeller.
E1181 Flushing Blade
D521 WD02 and 291/292 series. French Lid. Cast, machined and painted aluminium.
WDF745 Blades
WDR002 WD02 and 291/292 series. O-ring Seal - Bowl to Lid.
WDR002 O-Ring Bowl to Lid
WDR005 WD02 and 291/292 series. O-ring Seal - Bowl to Water Jacket.
WDR005 O-Ring Bowl to Water Jacket
WDR004 WD02 and 291/292 series. O-ring Seal - Banjo water inlet to bowl. Set of four.
Common Parts for all models
WD02FU1K WD02 series. Firmware Upgrade Kit. Release R2.04. MANDATORY UPGRADE
PVB001 WD02 series. Main Drive Belt Micro Vee multi-groove type.
PVB001 Main Drive Belt WD020141 Main Shaft for WD02 series
WD020141 WD02 series. Main Shaft. Stainless steel, precision ground.
WD02 Firmware Upgrade Kit
NBT002 WD02 series. Top Bearing. Sealed.
NTB002 Top Bearing
NBB002 WD02 series. Bottom Bearing. Sealed.
NBB002 Bottom Bearing LMS001 Bottom Limit Switch
LMS001 WD02 series. Bottom Limit Switch. Sealed microswitch with actuator arm.
WD02 Series
D521 French Lid LAC005 and LAC006 LInear Actuator Gears
LAC005, LAC006 WD02 series. Gears for Linear Actuator. LAC005 - Intermediate. LAC006 - Output
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LMS002 WD02 series. Top Limit Switch. Sealed microswitch with roller plunger.
LMS002 Top Limit Switch
LAC001 WD02 series. Linear Actuator. Complete unit.
LAC001 Linear Actuator WDR004 O-Ring Set for Banjos
291/292 Series
D518 291/292 series. Main Shaft. Stainless steel, precision ground.
D518 Main Shaft for 291/292 series
TIM060 291/292 series. Timer. Mechanical 60 minute.
TIM060 Mechanical 60 min Timer Spare Parts