The JEFFCO Pol in Open Cell Tester Model PT01 (sometimes referred to as a Preparation Index Tester) is used to determine the quality of cutting and shredding of cane in mills and laboratories by use of the open cell method.   Developed in Australia, the PT01 is based on the requirements of ICUMSA Method GS7-3 (1994) and BSES Method 5 and is an excellent companion for the JEFFCO Wet Disintegrator in determining the preparation index of mill shredders and milling extraction efficiency.  The JEFFCO  POC Tester Model PT01 is designed to take up to four rotating sample containers, each of 4.5 litres capacity and has an accurate timer which allows for operational times of between 10 and 30 minutes (depending on the methodology employed).  The direct-coupled gear motor rotates the bottles at approximately 70 rotations per minute using a safe friction drive.  The drive mechanism is easy to load, operate and clean.  Made from powder-coated steel, stainless steel and nylon, the JEFFCO POC Tester is robust and designed for a long life.  The unit is supplied with four (4) sample containers moulded from special thick wall high density polyethylene with a sealing lid and extra sample containers are available as an option to allow fast interchange of samples for operations in high throughput laboratories.
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JEFFCO POC (Preparation Index) Tester Model PT01
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Brief Specifications ¤ Developed for POC (Preparation Index) measurement in international markets ¤ Accommodates one to four sample containers at one time ¤ Inbuilt 10-30 minute timer ¤ Sample containers rotate at 70 RPM ¤ Direct coupled motor drive ¤ Stainless steel drive shaft with ball bearings ¤ Easy to clean ¤ Sample containers are made from robust thick wall HDPE ¤ Sample containers hold 4.5 litres and have a 95mm opening ¤ Universal power supply 100-240V AC  50-60 Hz ¤ Ideally suited for use with the JEFFCO Wet Disintegrator ¤ Full one year warranty ¤ Designed and made in Australia
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