The JEFFCO Sampling System InfraTester Model IT02 is a universal test bed for sample presentation in near infrared spectroscopy for use in the laboratory or out in the field.  It is simple, portable and can operate from batteries.   Over recent years, near infrared spectroscopy has made big advances in accuracy and stability, becoming a tool that has moved from the research laboratory into general use.  But everybody familiar with the technology knows that sample preparation and presentation are major issues if accurate and repeatable diffuse reflectance measurements are to be made, especially on non- homogeneous materials.  Most sample presentation systems to date have been proprietary and designed for a single purpose, making it difficult for researchers to trial new NIR applications easily.  There is now a neat and economical solution in the JEFFCO InfraTester. The InfraTester is a flexible, general purpose sample presentation system for reflectance spectroscopy, offering a simple way of trialling new ideas quickly, and economically processing the many samples required to establish a calibration set.  Depending on the options chosen, sample sizes can vary from a few grams to ten kilograms allowing good statistical methodologies to be applied.  The ability of the InfraTester to run large numbers of samples speedily and automatically makes it very suitable for generating useful data in the shortest time.   The patented compression plate makes short work of fibrous samples such as fibrated forage, grasses and sugar cane whilst a number of sample trimmers can prepare all types of materials for analysis.  The conveyor belt is designed to allow direct use of sample material in a continuous stream or to carry sample trays in a compartmented fashion.  This provides flexibility in sample sizes and allows for wet or liquid samples.  Optionally, the InfraTester is able to automatically detect the presence of the sample just prior to the NIR spectrometer position and provide a trigger signal to the spectrometer.  An optional barcode reader can send identification details to the computer for fast easy tracking of samples.   The applications are limited only by your imagination.  No matter what your potential application, the InfraTester will provide you with convenient, economical and fast sample presentation to keep you ahead in NIR spectroscopy.
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JEFFCO - InfraTester Laboratory Sampling System Model IT02
Brief Specifications ¤ Variable large or small sample sizes ¤ Samples can be wet, dry, powder, fibrous, liquid, paste, grains, meat etc ¤ Compatible with most brands of reflectance spectrometers ¤ Direct top surface reading with no windows to foul or interfere: negligible cross contamination ¤ Fast, accurate, compact & economical ¤ Optional automated sample detection ¤ Optional touch screen and barcode reader ¤ Optional software interfacing to most computer systems and spectrometers ¤ Easy to operate, clean and maintain ¤ Compact and portable for laboratory or field operation ¤ Uses patented ASAS technology ¤ Designed & made in Australia
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