UNDER DEVELOPMENT PRELIMINARY DATA ONLY - SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE The JEFFCO InfraSpector Portable Laboratory NIR Spectrometer Model IS02 is a general purpose reflectance spectrometer suitable for use in the laboratory or out in the field.  It uses our own innovative NIR spectroscopy technology. This product will further extend our depth of products using spectroscopy to include laboratory applications for sugar cane and grapes as well as other kindred products.  If you have a potential application for the InfraSpector, please contact us to check the state of development.  We expect to release the product in 2015.
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PRODUCTS - Laboratory VIS/NIR Spectrometer - InfraSpector® IS02
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Jeffco InfraSpector Laboratory Spectrometer IS02
JEFFCO - InfraSpector NIR Laboratory Spectrometer Model IS02
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Brief Features ¤ Diffuse Reflectance Spectrometer for non- homogeneous materials ¤ NIR range 900nm to 1700nm ¤ Resolution better than 4 nm ¤ Large reading area – typically 50mm diameter ¤ For benchtop or portable use ¤ USB 2.0 connectivity ¤ Powered from 10-30VDC battery or from Mains Adaptor ¤ Low power consumption ¤ Inbuilt light source – long-life lamp using our own optical technology ¤ Inbuilt SphereOptics Zenith reference tile and referencing system ¤ Inbuilt Xenon source for wavelength calibration ¤ Specially designed for non-homogeneous materials ¤ Designed & made in Australia