The JEFFCO InfraCana II Automated Cane Analyser Model IC02 is a patented system for analysing the chemical and physical properties of sugar cane automatically for cane payment, quality assessment, plant breeding and research, using innovative NIR spectroscopy technology. The JEFFCO InfraCana II Model IC02 is now available for sale in specific countries, depending on the availability of support. The JEFFCO InfraCana II is a completely automated system designed for the direct analysis of sugar cane in whole stalk, core sampled or billet format. This unique system provides simultaneous multiple constituent analysis of sugar cane including for example brix, pol, fibre, moisture, ash and trash.  Semi-skilled operators with minimum training can completely process a 3-7kg sugar cane sample in less than 2 minutes.  The JEFFCO InfraCana II combines a newly-developed version of the JEFFCO CG03 Cutter Grinder (designed to provide very high preparation index) with the patented Automated Sample Analysis System (ASAS).  This unique mechanism presents a consistent layer of material to our next generation JEFFCO spectrometer.  A sophisticated computer system with a touch screen interface controls all the mechanical components and performs all spectral computations and network interfacing. Designed for easy operation, the JEFFCO InfraCana II is very cost effective, fast and accurate. Stainless steel and polypropylene materials ensure a long service life with minimum maintenance.  And the InfraCana II is very environmentally friendly - it uses no chemicals or reagents, produces no waste and does not contaminate the sample or the people operating it.
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DATASHEET JEFFCO IC02 InfraCana II This download requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get a free copy from:
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Brief Features ¤ Versatile: can handle whole stalk, core sampled or billet cane ¤ Accurate and easy to operate ¤ Substantial cost savings mean fast payback time ¤ Quick: less than 2 min for multiple parameters ¤ Large representative sample size ¤ Provides transparency in payment methods ¤ Better factory and payment control ¤ Environmentally friendly: no chemicals or reagents required ¤ Easy: the InfraCana II can be located next to the sampling point ¤ Quick, easy network data access & remote operation/diagnostics ¤ Reduced maintenance and costs through careful & conservative design ¤ Highly customisable to suit any installation requirements and to meet financial standards for cane payment
Jeffco InfraCana IC01 Cane on Conveyor
JEFFCO - InfraCana II Cane Analyser Model IC02
Chosen by the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority for installation in all sugar mills in Mauritius during 2013 for Cane Payment and Quality Analysis
Cane Analyser Jeffco InfraCana II Cane Analyser IC02 STOP PRESS DOWNLOAD Our extended brochure on the facilities of the InfraCana II ... ?Save Time & Money on Routine Analysis of Sugar Cane Products?