Continuous extensive investment in Research and Development by Jeffress Engineering has ensured that the JEFFCO name has remained at the forefront of new technology solutions in the sugar and wine industries.  NIR spectroscopy has become the heart of our push to find innovative answers for our Customers that comply with modern requirements - clean, non-polluting, efficient and cost-effective.  With our products finding homes in more than 30 countries around the globe, we truly deliver solutions for the world. In the last decade, Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd has expanded its portfolio of products to incorporate higher technology products particularly through innovation and use of modern complimentary electronic and processor-based solutions.  We will continue to add new products as our research and development programs provide exciting possibilities for increased productivity through new technology. Two products currently under development are the InfraProbe IP01 Sampling Probe using near infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical parameters of bulk products such as grapes, and the InfraSpector IS02 Laboratory Spectrometer, a low cost, general purpose diffuse reflectance spectrometer. We develop our own microprocessor-based control systems for each of our products to ensure that we have complete control over the features, reliability, supply and production.  All software is produced locally with approved partners allowing us to provide operational facilities which are second to none.  All of our electronics are produced in Australia to world class standards to ensure high quality, long life and stable availability.
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JEFFCO Innovative Solutions for a Challenging World
Innovative Solutions for a Challenging World
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