Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned family company based in Adelaide, South Australia.  We design and manufacture laboratory testing devices for the sugar and wine industries.  JEFFCO is the primary brand name and registered trade mark of Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd. From humble beginnings more than sixty years ago, in a small corrugated iron shed in Brisbane, Queensland, Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd has developed and maintains a worldwide reputation for quality engineering and innovative design. We are committed to a path of enhancement through technology-based design. With skilful planning, we believe that we have a prosperous future for the company as we elevate our commitment to you, our valued Customer. Our customers are very loyal because they know that the low total cost of ownership of our equipment and the consistent service backup which they receive gives them the confidence to continue choosing our products. Being intimately associated with the sugar cane industry for the whole of our company existence gives us an insight into and an empathy towards the needs of regulatory authorities, sugar laboratory personnel, mill owners and growers. Accurate measurements and good laboratory methods give the best and fairest results to all concerned, allowing true judgements to be made about efficiency improvements and payment benefits. In recent years, Jeffress Engineering has been in the forefront of developments in the spectroscopic evaluation of the constituent parameters of sugar cane by NIR technology. The first major outcome was the patented InfraCana® Automated Sample Analysis System (released by Foss Analytical AB of Sweden) followed by the InfraTester® Bench Top Analysis System. We are currently extending this development work to encompass a number of exciting new areas.  In particular, we are proud to now offer the BevScan®  NIR Beverage Analyser, the first general purpose analyser for the wine and beverage industry which allows fast evaluation of wines THROUGH THE BOTTLE without opening or contaminating them in any way. With a great part of our yearly expenditure devoted to research and development, we plan to remain at the leading edge in our field of laboratory preparation and testing of organic materials. The benefits for our valued customers are many – high quality products with long lifetimes, products uniquely designed to do a specific task superbly, excellent pre-sales advice and long term service backup, a continuing program to bring the latest developments to our Customers and a proud history of integrity and innovation. Our valued Customers are the lifeblood of our Company. It is our great pleasure to be of service to you, our Customer, and we pledge to do our very best to meet your needs.
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